Some ideas for the invitation

Following my conversation with my Head of Department, Rachael and my discussions with some of you yesterday, it is now clear that we need to have our invites designed and ready to be printed by the middle of next week. I have therefore decided to scratch a few concepts of my own. I hope you don’t mind.

Click here to open up a PDF with five concept design….

My favourite is Number Three.

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Newsflashers At La Mama


Hope you can make it there!!!!

Neil Ryan.

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Welcome Back

Hi Guys, welcome to Semester Two, or as some people like to call it ‘ The Home Stretch’.

After an excellent first half of the year blogging and recording all your planning, research and inspiration for your chosen ‘Creative Product’, Semester Two is all about CREATION.

With regards to your blog page and your blog report for Semester Two – I would like to recommend that you document your creative process and practical activity on a monthly basis and therefore place all your documentation under headings for each month starting with JULY… Don’t forget to add descriptions / captions under images that you have uploaded. It helps justify their inclusion onto your blog page.

Good Luck.


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Poster Design

IMG_0305    IMG_0301  IMG_0299           IMG_0288




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Poster Design

Poster Design

Collaboration of sketches for poster design.

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thought this might interest anyone who likes digital image manipulation

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Hello Everyone

I’ve been hanging out with my little man (school holidays) and working in my home studio the past few days. Getting quite a bit done (and fitting in a few excursions too).

Anything to report? Anything I should know?

Looking forward to the guest speakers, next term!

Have a great break, if I don’t see you today.

I hope you all make great headway on your projects over the next two weeks. We’ve started a Facebook group for Creative Product Development, trying to figure out how to link it to the blog.

If you want to join send me a friend request and I’ll add you

Cheers Anna xo

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